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HTML vs. Text Email 18 June 2001

Actual spam in HTML via MS Word versus the same thing in plaintext. The HTML version is 16.0 kilobytes. The Text version is 2.0 kilobytes. That's a factor of 8 times the size. If your bandwidth stays constant, HTML mail means a factor of 8 increase in download times. No thanks!


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Why "Smorgasborg"?

I once got an email:

Smorgasborg is spelled smörgåsbord
if you refer to a buffet in swedish.
(smörgås is a sandwich and bord a table in swedish)

That's all i had to say apart from:
nice website!

Peter Hammar

...and I replied:

I know it's misspelled. I like it that way.

This is actually a Frequently Asked Question :-) But thanks!

- Joe

Pronouncing it

In May 2003 Andreas Brantmo asked me if I knew how to pronounce smorgasbord. I replied that Merriam Webster has a pronunciation. Good enough?

...he replied:

Well, it's good - but not good enough though :)
As a sign of friendship between us I send you the CORRECT pronunciation to avoid any future problems ;)

Smörgås = Sandwich
Bord = Table
Smör = Butter
Gås = Goose (bird)

So in English it would be "Sandwich Table" or "Butter Goose Table".