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Sense Technologies Forecasts Rapid Growth In Sales And Profits As It Sets The Standard For Safety

Sense Technologies, Inc. ("SNSGF") recently began commercial sales of its Guardian Alert(tm) device and sales of the device are growing geometrically. The patent-protected device, which took ten years and millions of dollars to develop offers unparalleled protection for trucks and other vehicles against collisions while backing up. On the market for less than a year, initial orders for Guardian Alert(tm) have been received from more than 150 corporations representing some of North America's largest fleets. Sales are expected to continue on a rapid growth curve due to the likelihood of legislation requiring such back-up warning devices on trucks. Washington State is the first to pass such a law and other states are expected to follow suit. A national law is under consideration by Congress.

SNSGF's Guardian Alert(tm) throws off substantial profits and cash flow. Development efforts concluded in 1999, as well as the losses associated with them. With commercial sales underway, SNSGF forecasts pretax profit margins of 40% beginning in 2000. This translates into substantial growth in earnings per share for its shareholders.

We believe that SNSGF represents an extraordinary growth opportunity, which will be translated into substantial increases in SNSGF's share price over the next 12 months.


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