Macaroni Salad

Updated November, 2009



  1. Boil MACARONI for about 12 minutes
  2. Drain MACARONI
  3. Rinse MACARONI with cold water
  4. Add CELERY, chopped very fine
  5. Add HARD BOILED EGGS, chopped
    [Comes in a jar like mayonnaise]
    [Sandra does not use this]
  8. * MAYONNAISE (to taste)
  9. MUSTARD (a little)
  10. Some GREEN ONION, chopped
  11. PICKLED RELISH (a little

Comment from Phyllis:

I hadn't made it in 10 years and may have forgotten an
ingredient or two.  When you talk with Sandra or any of my
sisters or my Auntie they would know, They make it a lot. It
is very easy to make.  It is much easier than potato salad.

Comment from Sandra:

I never use SALAD DRESSING, we have always used MAYONNAISE.
I also put in some chopped GREEN ONION and a little bit of
PICKLED RELISH.  Cook MACARONI until tender in boiling water
and that is it...  Good Luck.  Love, Nina.

Comment from Auntie

I will give you my recipe for macaroni salad,
1 lb. macaroni boil until soft 12min.or so chopped celery,
depending how much you like the celery. (3 stalks)
4 hard boiled eggs chopped
3 green onion chopped
1 sm. can sliced olives or 1 can of pitted olives drained
mayo ( Best Foods) is the best
garlic powder, salt to taste
mix all ingredients together you can even add a little
pepper if you like. measure the mayo to your preference (dry
or wet)