Why do visitors return to a website?

Not sure where I got this originally, SurveySite is now owned by ComScore. Timestamp on my version is 21 April 2002. If you find the original data on the web please feel free to contact me: joe

SurveySite developed a list of 40 factors that had the most
potential impact on the repeat visit rate.

From this analysis, a final survey with 12 questions was

1) Content correlated highest (74%) with the likelihood to make a repeat
   visit to a site. The main reason for deciding not to revisit a site was
   'frivolous  content'.

2) The second most important factor is enjoyability of the site (71%):
   either providing a novel experience or entertainment, or an interesting
   interface etc.

3) The third and fourth most important factors were the quality of the
   organization, or layout (68%) and

4) the degree of uniqueness (66%). Many respondents indicated they would
   not return to a site because it was 'like all the rest'.

5) Some 64% of respondents rated ease of finding information or content
   as important,

6) followed by whether visitors thought their visit was 'exciting' (61%),

7) visually attractive (58%),

8) easy to navigate (54%),

9) and the speed at which they could move around a site (53%).

   Quality of graphics was not an important consideration when compared to
   other factors.

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